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Växjö Campus Guide 2013
Växjö Campus Guide (click image to enlarge)

“Where should I do my grocery shopping?” “Where should I meet my friends for a coffee or eating lunch?” – This Campus Guide offers short reviews and valuable information about the most important places on and around Växjö Campus.

The Library

The core of Växjö Campus.

Come here if: … you want to study. Or if you do not want to study at all.

Don’t be fooled by: …the wooden floor. It doesn’t absorb the noise of high heels that well.

…more, opening hours etc.  http://lnu.se/ub/



The student pub of your choice on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Come here if: … you’d like to meet exactly the same people that you use to see in the library or in your business lectures.

Don’t be fooled by: … painful bruises on your feet – you probably just crossed the dance floor of Sivans.

Brunch: Sat 11.00-13.00

… more www.sivans.com/


The student pub of your choice on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Come here if: … you’d like to meet exactly the same people that you use to see in the library or in the PG or Lyan buildings.

Don’t be fooled by: … the dance floor on the second floor. As soon as more than two people start jumping simultaneously, it starts shaking.

…more http://www.slottsstallarna.net

Cafés & Restaurants

Café Tufvan

Cozy and friendly cafe with reasonably priced fika and lunch. The perfect place to drink a tea in one of the XXL-sized cups and relax in the old fashioned, granny-style sofas while reading a book or having a chat with your friends.

Come here if: … you want to enjoy some quality time with your friends or family.

Don’t be fooled by: … the acoustics. People in the room next door still can hear you whispering your secret weekend stories to your friends.

…more http://www.cafetufvan.se/


Well, mhh, just a simple, a bit boring café. Does it’s job.

Come here if: … the queue in the library café is very long and you just can’t wait to get your coffee.

Don’t be fooled by: … lunch menu – Kristinas offers more value for money.

…more http://www.hors.se/cafe-karl-oskar


Stylish café with a pleasant atmosphere. One of the loveliest places on campus. If you like to watch people passing by, fetch a bar chair at the window and enjoy “the 1 o’clock catwalk”.

Come here if: …you want be distracted from studying and coincidentally meet some of your friends.

Don’t be fooled by: … the window. People can see through it from the inside AND outside.

…more http://www.hors.se/restaurang/prego-astrakan/

Restaurang Kristinas

Reasonably priced meals.

Come here if: …you don’t want to pay a few extra crowns for the restaurant Rasken

Don’t be fooled by: …the 12 o’clock queue. Skip it by getting there 5 minutes before or 15 minutes after 12.

…more http://www.hors.se/kristina

Restaurang Rasken

More expansive but also higher quality than Restaurang Kristinas. Coffee and a small cake is included in the price for a meal. You have to try the dark bread with a little butter from the sallad bar, it tastes amazing, really!

Come here if: … you don’t know how much a liter milk costs.

Don’t be fooled by: …other customers. You might find yourself sitting next to your teacher, feeling obliged to have some lecture-related small talk.

…more http://www.hors.se/rasken

Maestro Pizzeria

A Pizzeria

Come here if: … you want to watch football while waiting for your order.

Don’t be fooled by: … the names of the the pizzas (Matrix, Top Gun, Pacino, Stallone …) – they really are not related to the toppings at all.

…more http://www.maestrovaxjo.se

Teleborgs Slott

Probably Växjö’s most impressive building. Classy, stylish and not as old as you might think (1900). Gives Campus some kind of “old, established university” charm.

Come here if: … you want to impress someone who is over for a visit and you perceive as relatively old.

Don’t be fooled by: … the stairs. You will most likely be out of breath when you reach the entrance.

… more http://www.teleborgsslott.com/

Brygghuset (Brewhouse)

Brygghuset Växjö Campus LNU

The “new kid on the block” opened in 2013 is a lunch alternative to Rasken. But also good for fika and Wednesday After Work. If you ate too much and feel that you’re going to fall into a food-coma, you can also get a room in the same building.

Come here if: … you want to impress your date and show him or her that you have some class.

… more http://www.teleborgsslott.com/


Olympen träningscenter

Reasonably priced  students’ gym.

Come here if: … you want to keep your body in shape. (Preferably not between 6 and 7 pm in the evening – it’s totally crowded then)

Don’t be fooled by:  … the believe that all people put on deodorant. The gym’s predominant body odor proves the opposite.

… morehttp://www.olympentraningscenter.se/

Snacks and magazines


Snacks, fast food, fuel, open 24 hours. So think of it as a Swiss army knife among the shops around campus.

Come here if: … your car indicates an almost empty fuel tank or if you feel a strong desire for a hamburger or sausage after a night at Stallarna or Sivans.

Don’t be fooled by: … the beer sold there. It contains almost as much as soft drinks.

… more https://www.statoil.se/sv_SE/pg1334072572280/st1/Sok-station.html?stationid=22827&countryid=se


It’s like Statoils’ little sister (no fuel or beer though). You (if you still don’t know about the capabilities of the internet) can rent DVDs there.

Come here if: … you don’t think saving two crowns for a Coke, chocolate or chips is worth walking to ICA.

Abbas Falafel

Alias “Falafel Vagnen”, “Kebab Mannen”

Abbas Falafel Växjö Campus

Fresh falafel, hamburger, kebab and fish & chips.

Come here if: … you need a midnight snack right after a party night in Stallarna or Sivans.

…more: http://abbasfalafel.wordpress.com/ or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AbbasFalafelVaxjo

Grocery shopping



Come here if: … you have no hangover or parents that succeeded teaching you how to spend money in a responsible way.

Don’t be fooled by: … Willy:s’ Eldorado brand. Its quality mostly is as low as its price.

… more http://www.willys.se/Vara-butiker/Butiker/Vaxjo/

ICA – Teleborg Centrum

More expansive, has more premium products than Willy:s. Crossing campus with ICA plastic bags in your hands might cause the impression that you are either rich or lazy.

Come here if: … you have a terrible hangover and you’re afraid you might collapse walking the 500 extra meter to Willy:s.

Don’t be fooled by: … discount signs.It’s still expansive.

… more http://www.ica.se/supermarket/teleborg

What other place do you think we should mention on this site?
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