What we do…

We want to share pictures, news and campus products with all who love campus life in Växjö – on this website as well as on our Facebook PageTwitter and Instagram.

You find t-shirts, underwear, cups, hoodies and other cool stuff in our webshopHave a look!

Who are the guys behind this idea?

“I Love Växjö Campus” is a project that is currently run by Matthias Kamann.

It was created in 2010 by Matthias and Metin Ucar. Both, Matthias and Metin studied and lived on campus for several years. Although they already graduated from university a while ago, they still live in Växjö and are – at least in some way – connected Växjö Campus.

Find out more about Metin on his Linkedin profile, here.

Read more about Matthias on his website or Twitter

Why we created “I Love Växjö Campus”?

First of all, we really love Växjö Campus!

Why?! Simply, because it’s a fascinating place with nice buildings embedded in a beautiful, park-like surrounding. A place where many interesting people from various backgrounds and from all over the world meet to develop their personality, study and celebrate.

Living on campus can be compared with an exciting school trip. It is like living in a bungalow park, but  instead of a shopping center and a swimming pool in the middle of it, you find a proper university. (And there is no teacher that tells you when you have to be back in your room.) The people around you are roughly in your age, with similar interests, united inside the campus bubble.

It is a place where you create lifetime memories!  Admittedly, campus life can be pretty exhausting sometimes. If you have experienced campus life in Växjö, you probably know what we are talking about … ;)

We, Matthias and Metin, experienced such a great time on this wonderful, let’s call it, “island for students“, which inspired us to share our love through “I Love Växjö Campus” and let other people express their “campus love” by following us (on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or wearing the shirts that we created.

For many former students this is a great way to stay connected with the place where they created their maybe “best time of their life”.


If you have any questions or just want to get in touch with us, just contact us via:

Email: vaxjocampus(at)gmail.com or comment on Facebook or mention us on Twitter @vaxjocampus 


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