Grabb at Sivans

Grabb (formerly known as Flichelie) were playing their set at Sivans May 3rd. Check out the video and feel the atmosphere at Sivans. It was a blast! :)

Advantages of living on Växjö Campus – everything is so close

There are many reasons why living on campus is great! But one of the most best is probably that everything is so close. The last thing you have to depend on is a car!

Växjö Campus Guide 2013
Växjö Campus Guide

Your workplace (the classrooms and library) is near.

Photo 2013-05-18 19 54 24Your friends are living close by (just text them to hang out and meet for a coffee only 5 minutes later).

The gym is right on campus (running there instead of walking won’t even warm you up before your workout).
So are the outdoor opportunities to play football, basketball, tennis or volleyball. And not to forget the beautiful surrounding around campus which is ideal for recreation like running or having a walk, (I strongly recommend you to try running or walking around the lakes Växjösjön or Trummen – it’s really beautiful particularly around sunset-time).

Trummen Växjö -  Växjö Campus
Trummen Växjö

The pubs/night-clubs are just a few minutes away from your apartment or your pre/after-party – which is great especially in the end of the night when you might had a too many drinks and want to go home – no bus, taxi or even bike needed!

When later in life will you ever have all those places so close together?

It’s easy to enjoy life on Växjö Campus, you will love it!


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No car needed when you live on Växjö Campus

Linnaeus University Växjö Campus Summer on Campus 2011 (13)

When you live on Växjö Campus you really do not have to have a car. Everything you need on and around campus is close. You can skip some annoying things that many students at other universities or working people experience in everyday-life:

– No need for a car to commute from your apartment to “work”
– No looking for parking lots.
– No caring about traffic jams.
– Maximum 5 min of commuting.
– No transportation costs

Isn’t that great?! :)


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Reasons why you will love living on Växjö Campus – part 1

Linnaeus University Växjö Campus Summer

You will love Växjö Campus, because…

1. It’s a fascinating place with nice buildings.

Linnaeus University Växjö Campus Summer on Campus 2011 (17)2. The buildings are embedded in a beautiful, park-like surrounding.

3. Campus itself is surrounded by beautiful nature – with various fields, forest and lakes.

4. You have a really cool looking castle right on campus.
How many universities can offer that, heh? Your family will be impressed next time they are over for a visit.

5. You meet interesting people from various backgrounds and from all over the world.
How often do you have the opportunity to eat dinner with people from Sweden, Japan, France, China, Mexico, Italy, United States etc. sitting together at the same table and having a good time?

…more reasons in (upcoming) part 2 – which will be announced on Facebook and Twitter (follow us).